Comic Cons

ECCC 2021

It felt great to be back at Emerald City Comic Con! As usual, Battle Quest Comics joined forces with The Green Goblin to defeat that cursed fool Spider-Man. Then a Skull Robot attacked… But, it turned out he was super cool. One of the new kid Ghostbusters bought some Battle Quest Comics! And we met the legendary WWE HOF Jerry “The … Continue reading

Baltimore CC 2021

Baltimore CC 2021 was GREAT! Epic win for this rockstar, who said Battle Quest Comics looked “cool.” Cobra Commander, who promoted both global domination and Battle Quest Comics. Big ups to Deadpool! Catwoman! And a huge shout out to the legendary Jerry Ordway, our neighbor, who signed comic books for 21 consecutive show floor hours and was so kind and … Continue reading

NY Comic Con 2021

Apparently, New York Comic Con was the largest indoor gathering in NY since the start of the pandemic. Grateful to have played a part in a such a special Comic Con. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to talk to us about Battle Quest Comics! Special thanks to the Boba Fett Chicken. Candyman. And to the lucky few who picked up … Continue reading

NYCC & Baltimore Comic Con 2019

New York Comic Con was a force of nature. Marvel was lucky enough to have us as their neighbor. The legendary Tom Orzechowski signed No’madd books. And I finally got the entire seven volume set!! Meanwhile, at Baltimore Comic Con…my man below bought the first ever seven volume set!! And I did an interview with Real Book Comic Talk: Truth … Continue reading

WonderCon 2019

WonderCon 2019 was a great learning experience. We sold over 200 books. And we met Bumblebee. Up Next – Ace Comic Con in Seattle!

Emerald City Comic Con 2019

Seattle was awesome.   No’madd sold over 600 books. We got our first No’madd figure!  Thanks Nathan Seekerman!  No’madd penciller Aaron McConnell came to see his work in print. (Thanks dude, Hollywood returns my calls again – !) Plus, we met this kid and she was a total rockstar. Up next, WonderCon. Booth 1010