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NY Comic Con 2021

Apparently, New York Comic Con was the largest indoor gathering in NY since the start of the pandemic. Grateful to have played a part in a such a special Comic Con. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to talk to us about Battle Quest Comics! Special thanks to the Boba Fett Chicken. Candyman. And to the lucky few who picked up … Continue reading

Rose City Comic Con 2021

Battle Quest Comics attended our first comic con since the Dawn of The Dystopia. We connected with Jack, The Pumpkin King. Discovered that Magnum PI reads Battle Quest Comics. And as usual – we sold out of all of our graphic novels. Huge thanks to everyone who came out under such difficult circumstances.  To the convention staff for their Herculean … Continue reading

Onward with Onrie Talks No’madd

Thanks Onrie for being so cool to have a discussion with me about comic books, story structure, Yi Soon Shin, and No’madd. “The sword master does not fear death.”

The Art of Planet Ith (remastered)

Below is an image from the remastered No’madd: The Art of Planet Ith.  A collection of art that sheds light into the creation of No’madd and his world. Coming soon!

C2E2 2020

Chicago Comic Con 2020 was awesome! We sold almost three hundred books. And I met The Night King from Game of Thrones!!! Onward to Emerald City Comic Con!

NYCC & Baltimore Comic Con 2019

New York Comic Con was a force of nature. Marvel was lucky enough to have us as their neighbor. The legendary Tom Orzechowski signed No’madd books. And I finally got the entire seven volume set!! Meanwhile, at Baltimore Comic Con…my man below bought the first ever seven volume set!! And I did an interview with Real Book Comic Talk: Truth … Continue reading

RCCC 2019

Rose City Comic Con 2019 was awesome. This kid said: “I can tell its great just by looking at it.” (You’re great, kid.) The Gamorrean Guard agreed. And so did hundreds of other people…cause we nearly sold out. Up next – NYCC 2019!

Letters by Tom Orzechowski

Lettering is the most important, and delicate part, of any comic book presentation.  Battle Quest Comics is lucky to have the legendary Tom Orzechowski letterer our debut title No’madd: The Unconquerable. Tom is responsible for the classic run on the Uncanny X-Men and The New Mutants, where he placed Chris Claremont’s words onto the page, and he currently letters Spawn … Continue reading