No’madd: The Art of Planet Ith

No’madd lives in a world of heroes and villains – of gods and monsters.  Inside this volume you’ll find each lovingly depicted by New York Times best selling illustrator Aaron McConnell.

No’madd’s adventures in The City of Empty Towers, The Cave of Broken Tombs, and The Sea of Silent Souls are all represented.  But No’madd’s world is more vast that we’ve been able to show you until now.  Included here too are some of the universe’s Great Powers – beings whose immense might and deep passions shape and render the cosmos itself.

None of the illustrations here have been printed before. We hope you’ll enjoy them.


Writer:  Andrew Kafoury, Creator of No’madd
Artist: Aaron McConnell
Cover/Paint:  Lee Moyer
Letterer:  Tom Orzechowski

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