The Trident of Aurelia #3 (of 4) – PREORDER NOW!


The Leviathan is here at last, as The Trident of Aurelia # 3 (of 4) can now be preordered online or at your local comic book store.

“The mermaid heroes must deal with the lava-breathing Leviathan that destroyed Corazon and now coils around the Citadel.”

Previews Code: FEB231216



This issue pits our Mermaid Warriors against the seemingly unstoppable conqueror worm!

This series has been a blast to create, and we hope that you will continue to collect these rare, limited edition comics as we make our way towards the soon to be released graphic novel in a few months. Until then, let the battle rage on!

Next: The Trident of Aurelia #4 (of 4) is in PREVIEWS 1/22/23.