The Trident of Aurelia #1 (of 4) – PREORDER NOW!

Dear Warriors,

At long last, our new fantasy adventure series The Trident of Aurelia # 1 (of 4) can now be preordered online or at your local comic book store 

“From the mind of two-time 2022 Hugo Award-winning Lee Moyer comes a new fantasy-adventure that takes place below the sea. A long-abandoned trident calls out to a drowning woman named Orianna. As she grabs the trident, Orianna’s life – and the lives of those both above and below the waves – will change… forever!”

Previews Code: DEC221177



This series features mermaid warriors who battle Crustacean Abominations, a Leviathan, and even the Gods. This series also features the art of Melissa Spandri, who we feel has designed some incredible and memorable mermaid warriors.

We are thrilled to work with Melissa and hope to bring her back for future mermaid warrior comics.

Thanks to your amazing help, Battle Quest Comics has been called “an indie comics success story” by Diamond Distributors, and we’re just getting warmed up.

So prepare yourself, warriors…we have put together a publication calendar that can get us comics into stores all the way up until 2026…and we hope you will get in on the ground floor to get our collectors edition first issues of this series we feel will be as good as the best comics on the shelf in your comic book store…or any store. (Above the sea…or below.)

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