STEEL SIEGE #1 – Preorder NOW!

The war for peace has begun!

Issue #1 of our highly anticipated new series Steel Siege can be preordered online or at your local comic book store 

“In a war-torn world, the Titan Mechs of House Shorah are on a rampage to annihilate their enemies in the last of the Generator Cities. The only hope for peace is a bitter ex-soldier, Vulture, and a diplomat, Dove, who must get across a battlefield filled with hundreds of deadly machines that will stop at nothing to destroy them.”

(W) Andrew Kafoury (A) Eric Vargas, Silvia Signorini (CA) Lee Moyer

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Get in on the ground floor and collect a brand new #1 that features in-your-face Mech War action where the stakes between life and death have never been higher.

Steel Siege is the third of our flagship titles. The good news is that we’ve had such a tremendous launch that we’re already working on sequels to No’madd, Trident and Steel Siege, plus multiple new series and product upgrades over the next year… and beyond!

Next: Steel Siege #2 is in PREVIEWS 5/24/23