No’madd #3 (of 6) NOW ON SALE!

Dear Warriors,

We are incredibly excited that No’madd: The City of Empty Towers #3 (of 6) can now be preordered at your local comic book store.

“Platu is a land of legend forever hidden behind the fearsome Chain of Wrath. None have ever crossed this realm of storm and lightening. But to face the enemies of his people, and to prove himself to the Moon Goddess, Tyon, No’madd must somehow find a way.”

Diamond Code: JUL221334.

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We are truly thrilled with how this comic turned out.  It has warring beasts, heroic rescues, and a journey of self-discovery that takes our hero deep into the darkness abyss.

As always, we ask that you please find an online retail store or please contact your local comic bookstore and ask them to preorder No’madd: The City of Empty Towers #3 (of 6).

ONCE AGAIN: In the backs of each single issues you can find original Battle Quest Mini-Comics: From The Scrolls of Battle Quest, illustrated by Aaron McConnell.  These collectable, never seen before, mini-comics feature original stories from the No’madd universe.

The battle rages on…and we thank you for your support!

Next: No’madd #3 CUT OFF DATE is 7/28.